About Dazed's 1Test inj.

  1. About Dazed's 1Test inj.

    I switching locations between delst arms and quads.

    As far as burn goes... nada... BUT

    When I do quad injects I do 1ml at a time and Im getting verysore (25g pins so they aint causing it)

    but when I do tris and arms I only do .5 ml in each delt or each arms and get no soreness at all....

    The soreness is bearable...I can still train legs on it.. its very local but it takes about a week to go away.

    As far as results... Im starting to see my strngth go up.. did skull crushers (lying tricep extension with 145lbs for sets of six up from 135 a few weeks ago for sets of 8...)

    Did 1 arm lateral raises with 50lbs and drop setted to the 40lbs.. so my shoulders are definiutely getting stronger.

    Today will be my second heavy chest workout since Ive started so I should be seeing some improvements in my lifts... Ill keep you all informed.

  2. Dosage

    What dosage are you using either ED or EOD?

    Are you staking with Fina or by itself?

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