So all these are the exact same?...

  1. So all these are the exact same?...

    EST - Methyl-E
    IBE - Epistane
    RPN - Havoc

    just trying to clear it up for myself, sorry if its been answered, just looking for a yes/no answer

  2. So they say i have heard different reviews on each. Some asy havoc was better than epistane and some say the oppisite. They are supposed to be the same

  3. just wondering cause i can pick up 3 bottles of Methyl-E for about $70 (without shipping)

  4. bump....any Methyl-E users with some input?

  5. They are suppose to be the same, but some react differently for the better or worse.
    That does sounds like a sweet deal, its better to wait for someones input on the Methyl-E before investing, good luck.

  6. Havoc and Epi are bigger names, but basically the Methyl-E is a clone. Depending on who put out the first Epithio, the others could be clones of that.

  7. bump, anyone have any experience with Methyl-E?

  8. I like Genera Epidrol better then Havoc, never used Methyl E


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