Ph Newbie seeking advice ....

  1. Ph Newbie seeking advice ....

    First of all a little background ...

    I'm 36 and have been training naturally for almost 21 yrs now - I'm in reasonably good shape - 14 st 2 at about 12% bf, my training routine is generally a 4 day split with morning cardio 3 days/week thrown in to keep the bf off as I'm getting older. I lift heavy, but always with good form - rough stats are chest 46", shoulders 53", thighs 27", waist 33", arms ~ 18" - oh and I still have my abs ! - nothing spectacular as you see but I'm fit 'n' healthy and happy to keep it that way.....

    FYI the only supplement I've used to data is regular creatine monohydrate ( about 10 yrs now ) with flax oil and 1g vit C a day and a quality whey protein ( with breakfasts and pre/post workout). I generally aim for about 240 gr protein/day and 3400 cals.

    I'm posting as I've noticed my supplement store now stocking prohormones ( EST Methyl E, Propadrol, Hemadrol ) and also a product they claim helps with post cycle therapy ( rebound XT). Whilst I'm fairly happy the way I am my weights have remained pretty static for the past 10 yrs or so .... negatives, half reps, quarter reps with (for me) huge amounts of weight do help but it's a struggle to make any real further gains.

    I could just stick with the program and accept I'm not in my 20's anymore ... never been tempted to try real gear as I'm not interested in getting really huge, the legal aspect would concern me with my work (defense industry) and there's also a history of liver cancer in my family. However the PH have got me intrigued and I was wondering whether a one off 1 month cycle would help me get past my decade long sticking point - I'm not after spectacular gains, if I could add 20 lbs to my bench press and retain a couple of pounds of lean muscle I'd be very happy. Sides too are a concern - I still have my hair and plan to keep it that way ... !

    I'd like to ask the forum whether any of the (legal) PH products mentioned actually work, what would be a good choice for a one off cycle for a first timer and what form of PCT would be required. Also is it worth investigating any of the 'test boosters' such as Rebound XT or Novedex XT ? I quite like the idea of boosting my own test levels, but I'm extremely sceptical of the claims made by supplement companies.

    Thank you all,

    Steve T.

  2. Theres a number that would work, but if so far you have only tried creatine, there is a world of other supplements you can try that may make the difference. Xfactor, Drive, Hyperdrolx2, MassFX, Jungle Warfare, some of LG's products, etc all can help break that plateua without delving into the designer steroids. Those that you mentioned aren't really prohormones, they are designer steroids.

  3. Methyl E ( epistane) would be a good choice for a first time also. It is very mild low on sides and gives good lean gains and strength.

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