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    Hey, I ran across this product over at DPS and was wondering what thoughts are on it, it's is injectable I beleive, and seems like a good combo , but wanted to get some info,

    GennaPharm took our widely acclaimed Impact 250 sterile solution, doubled the amount of liquid in every vial, and upgraded all the prohormones to the most advanced and cutting edge esterized ProSteroids available! Now you get a large 20ml vial (20 doses) of the most powerful and effective ProSteroids, delivering a full 250mgs per milliliter!!
    First, we replaced the old formula's 19-Norandrodiol with the unbelievably effective 1,4 Androstadienedione. An exciting property of 1,4 Andro is that it uses different enzymes to convert to Testosterone via different pathways. The conversion of 1,4 Andro to 1-Testosterone takes time, and this will delay its saturation of your steroid receptors, while allowing the faster-acting compounds of Impact 250 Pro to engage your steroid receptors first. This timed process insures continual absorption of the ProSteroids by your muscle cells-over a much longer period of time!

    Next, we upgraded the 4-Androstenediol to the advanced, new 4-Androstenediol Methyl Carbonate Esterized ProSteroid. Published studies have proven this new beta-diol to be about 3 times more powerful than the simple 4-Androstenediol! It is also known to have no conversion to estrodiol or DHT, and it's more anabolic than the original 4-Androstenediol. Furthermore, its conversion to Testosterone is much more efficient and it has been reported to be up to 95% as potent as pure Test!

    Finally, to make Impact 250 Pro the undisputed champion of all Bodybuilding products, we replaced the 5-Androdiol with the revolutionary 5-alpha Androstane Esterized ProSteroid, which is renowned for it's unique molecular structure that cannot aromatize into estrogen. Another phenomenal quality of this great new ProSteroid is that it inhibits the aromatization (estrogen conversion) process of ALL the other ProSteroids in Impact 250 Pro. It does this by knocking out the aromatase enzyme, which is the enzyme responsible for converting testosterone to estrogen. This unique feature makes Impact 250 Pro an excellent "hardening" agent.

    As if twice the liquid and these revolutionary new ingredients aren't incredible improvements already, we've upgraded our advanced delivery system by placing the ProSteroids 'in solution', using highly absorbable MCT oil to greatly increase absorption into your bloodstream. Since MCT is a lipid, like the ProSteroids, it creates the perfect transport medium for the ProSteroids. This type of delivery vehicle is absolutely essential for ester-modified ProSteroids, as it allows for a level of absorption many times greater than simply putting the compounds in a regular hard-shell capsule, tablet or syrup.

    Once again, GennaPharm brings you to the brink of cutting-edge technology. Impact 250 Pro provides you with the most sophisticated ingredients legally on the market to date, dissolved and sterile-packed in the most sophisticated delivery system ever. But there is more, the synergy of the interaction between these highly calculated ingredients is also part of the reason it is so effective. By creating a "Stack" of Hi-Tech ProSteroids of different concentrations and molecular weights, we can achieve a greater absorption of these ProSteroids in the blood stream for a much longer period of time and we can capitalize on the synergy of their effects for an unbelievable anabolic effect never achieved before with any single ingredient compound!

  2. how bout... SCOTTY DONT! Can we just stick to things that are proven to bring solid gains.

  3. here are my exact thoughts about this thread.......
    **** jeff summers!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. That's a jeff summers product?? I didn't know he owned Gennapharm, I know he owns Impact Nutrition, but I thought that this was just a coincidence with the name.

  5. he doesn't own it. But if you look at the product carefully it doesn't give you the amount of each prohormones in it.I wouldn't trust it.

  6. ANy guy who say's you can rub something a muscle group and only that muscle group gets bigger(DermaGain) IS FULL OF **** . Dont trust anything sold by that thief

  7. jeff summers does not own gennapharm. Impact 250 use to be own by Sports One but they discountinued it and gennaphram took the product over and modified it into impact 250 pro. It has NOTHING to do with impact nutrition.
    Ok now that, that is said I wouldn't trust the product. They won't tell you the ingerdients of their product so you don't know what your getting. That stuff is suppose to be injected thats why they sell a book about spot injection with their stacks. You would be better off homebrewing or buying from eagle research. later


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