Help me make a stack with 4-AD(old stuff)

  1. Help me make a stack with 4-AD(old stuff)

    So I came across a few bottles of 4-AD tabs before it was banned. I've done countless research and I would like peoples opinions before I start any type of cycle for I am very conscious minded about what goes into my body. Ok, My background- Im 30 years old 6' @ 205 ~13%bf. Been lifting for 10 years and this will be my first ph cycle. As I said a friend is selling me his 4-AD that he has been stockpiling. I know he always took it as a stand alone...but the research I have done shows it should or would be better to stack with something such as 1-AD or epistane. I don't have sources for 1-AD so I am thinking of epistane. What do you think? Also what else would I need to make this safe as possibe with minimized sides? PCT, SERM? Any info or layout would be appreciated. Thanks and sorry for the long write up.

  2. 4AD is very "wet". An AI should be used with it. Standard PCT would be prudent.
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  3. Epi would make a great stack with the 4-AD wo would something like TRN if you could find it, either way you may want to run an AI even if you take it with EPI just to be sure.

    Use of a SERM is definately recommended (toremifene is my fav) as well as an AI and i have been convinced recently that post cycle support from Anabolic innovations is the best thing to run for making sure the BP lipids and even help with estrogen are all in check.

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