Dropper measurements

  1. Question Dropper measurements

    Does anybody remember what the dropper dose measurements are for the one that comes in LR liquid-nolva? My freakin wife threw out my damn syringe and never asked or told me anything.


  2. did she know you had it, lol, don't sound like it.

  3. I thought 25 drops equals - 1ml. I may be wrong though. Someone else want to chime in?

  4. I always just used an oral syringe never got a dropper with my order db682 did your wife throw an oral syringe away?

  5. Yep!

  6. Damn that sucks, if I were you I'd just buy another and explain to her that it's jus and oral syringe to put drops in your mouth. That's if she knows you take things that require it. If she doesn't then still buy another one and hide it in your protein. I hide a lot of goodies in mine, nothing like a 10lb bag of ON protein to stash the goodies.
    Later J

  7. divorce!

  8. She's a nurse. I truelly doubt that I need to explain whats its used for. Or at least I hope so for the sake of the years of school she had and the patients she has now.
    She actually got it for me from work. She probably thought I was done with it and dumped it. Im definitly not going to start an argument w/ her over something like that since I always lose anyways. She said shell get me another when she goes to peds sometime. Who knows when that will be?
    oh well.


  9. sounds like a trip to Walmart might be in order soon..

  10. not sure if this'll help, but the dropper that comes with liqua-solutions nolva is approximately 1ml.


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