new steroid user

  1. new steroid user

    Firstly to introduce myself I am 192 pounds and 5'7 and 31 years old.

    Have a steroid question firstly I had been taking dianabol for about 4 weeks at 6 pills 5mg a day, when I decided for first time to inject I got come sustanon and I am injecting once perweek 1cc. Anyway through advice from a friend who also does bodybuilding I decided to get some deca but was unable to get this and have acquired testosterone cyponiate.
    Is this something i could run alongside the sustanon or it too similar?
    Another question I have is that I am injecting in the shoulder with a 1" inch needle is this sufficient I just don't understand why sometimes the injection feels different to other time, and by that i mean pain level afterwards dont seem to get anypain when injecting is this normal?

  2. no offense brother, but you should have done a lot more reading before you started popping pills and jabbing needles in your shoulder. guys like you i tells ya.

    what are your dosages of sus? how often?
    and no don't add the cyp.
    help us out and we can help you out

  3. It was recommended to me by someone more experienced that I should get deca he has not used testosterone cyponiate before and has no experience of it thats why I decided to ask on this forum. I have been weightlifting for over 10 years and in the past only taken dianabol and from what I have read this is not very good on it's own.
    If taking sustanon and cyp is not a good idea should I continue with the sustanon I would appreciate informative answers not knocking the fact I am injecting.

  4. There is no reason you couldn't start the test cyp now. It will take about 3 weeks to kick in. I'm just not sure when to tell you to quit taking the sust. (and once a week injections of sust isn't enough)

    Your cyp should be injected twice per week, like Sunday and Wednesday. 500 mg's total should be good since you've never done it. It should be run for at least 12 weeks. Maybe someone can chime in about when to quit the sust..... I'd say maybe the start of the 3rd week of your cyp, but I'm not sure.

    Hope this helps. (and you really should have researched this before you started)



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