how to regrow hair

  1. how to regrow hair

    im shedding right now and im looking around for something to regrow hair lost during a cycle. so far i have seen Minoxidil, propecia, finasteride and Proxiphen. does anyone have any recomendations?

  2. i could really use some help with this guys

  3. Check out Primordial Performance (makers of Sustain). They have a new product called Toco8 or Topo8 or something like that. It claims to prevent hairloss on cycle, and even promotes hair regrowth.

  4. thanks man

  5. Best stack is:

    Finasteride (Propecia) + Minoxidil + Nizoral or Spironolactone topical

    Im taking now Finasteride + Nizoral and it works fine for me.

  6. To be honest, don't f*ck with propecia I've seen too many live to regret it.

    Search for "Hair Loss Prevention" and "Neoborn's Natural Hair Regrowth FAQ"

    How ?

    1. Go to "Search"
    2. Click on "Advanced Search"
    3. Enter your search terms that you want to find threads on
    4. Change the drop down to "Titles Only"
    5. Click "Go"

    You can use this method to find anything on these forums. You will be surprised how many people have discussed this topic before.

  7. FYI, Toco-8 just got 100% better.

    We now have a higher potency extract so you now get almost 2x as much toco for your money -



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