CONFUSED off cycle!!!!

  1. CONFUSED off cycle!!!!

    Coming near the end of a 9 week Fina only cycle at (37.5) mg's ED. I am so damn confused about which recovery route to take. I have access to most any pct drug and I just need to know what to use and what method is best. At first I read about the "Dbol bridge" (10mg A.M. ed for 8 weeks) How its supposedly able to let u recover 80-90% while maintaining all mass and strength...etc... But I also read to many claims against it. I really wanna know what I can use that will still allow me to recover yet hold onto as much muscle as possible. Here are the drugs I have in mind : HCG, Nolva, clomid, proviron, clenbuterol. If there are any other drugs I can use to help, please list them. I also am a little confused on how to run the HCG in conjunction with nolva and clomid......??? ANY HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!

  2. Since tren is supressive and will shut you down pretty hard, if it were me i'd run clomid/nolva/HCG for my post cycle.

    Since it was a fina only you can start your clomid/nolva 3 days after your last fina shot.

    Personally i'd run Clomid at 200mg the 1st day, 100mg for 10 days after that, and 50mg for 10 days after that. For the nolva i'd do 40mg for 7 days, followed by 20mg for 7 days.

    HCG dosing i'd do 3000, 3000, 1500, 1500 starting w/ the last week and then every 4 days.

    This may seem like a bit overboard, but i know for me personally fina supresses the hell out of me, and better safe than sorry. Especially if you love your nuts. These dosages will alsol help you keep most of your mass/strength gains. Goodluck

    As far as the dbol bridge goes i've heard too much speculation to even bother trying/learning about it, maybe someone else can provide more insite on the issue.

  3. In my opinion the dbol bridge is bull**** some studies have shown complete supression from 12.5 mg of anavar per day

  4. Is it true you shouldnt start clomid until the HCG is completely out of your system, yet you can run nolva with HCG to combat any estro that might occur. Not very clear on this procedure?

  5. Why do you not have these products, better yet, why didn't you bother buying the post-cycle products before your gear?

    Where's my Alka-Seltzer?

  6. Hey, the point is I have access to all and more now so lets just look past that.

  7. Well, since you didn't research your cycle, never bothered to get ancilliaries, and have a blatant disregard for your nuts... I'll look past it..

  8. Wow pete pretty harsh

    But anyways- if you want to combat estro just use Nolva HCG is best used post cycle to combat the atrophy that has occured to your testicular region. Clomid + Nolva or just clomid or just nolva can be used post cycle in the normal titrading downward fashion. HCG has its own dosing regimen which has been posted before and you can search for.

  9. Well hey PETE, I actually have done my homework, so I was aware of different pct methods for a fina cycle. But I do like to get as much opinions and ideas as possible before I make my concluding decision. So ur assumptions are wrong, but hey I understand I kinda set myself petey. Thanks magM, I placed my order of 20,000 iu's of HCG (2 amps) and 4 weeks worth of clomid + nolva. Since there are various ways people use HCG, ill gamble and choose one and see how it goes.

  10. Pete was right man you should have had your stuff before hand but its good hat you get it now before you come off. A suggestion for next time, run test with your fina it will make your post cycle much more enjoyable.

  11. Best of luck to you on post cycle bro, def for next time have post cycle supps ready to rock, no need to have the worry at the end of your cycle. Anyway how long are you taking your cycle and what were your results thus far? later J

  12. 9 week cycle of fina at 37.5 ED and started at 190lbs and now in week 7, I'm 210 or so. The weird thing is around week 2, I reached 210 but havent tipped the scales higher......its like I Plateau'd. But Im eating whatever I want pretty much and keeping bodyfat the same.


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