revised cut/lean gain cycle**Critique

  1. revised cut/lean gain cycle**Critique

    week 1 -4omgTboll/20mgVar

    week 2 -30mgTboll/3omgVar

    week 3 -30mgTboll/40mgVar

    week 4- 20mgTboll/50mgVar

    week 5- 10mgTboll/60mgVar

    week 6- 10mgTboll/5omgVar

    week 7- 40mgVar

    in conjuction with this cycle starting 2 weeks before week 1 is an EC stack that looks like this:

    week 1 15mgE/100mgcaff. twice a day (this week starts 2 weeks prior to tboll/var cycle)
    week 2 30mgE/200mgcaff. twice a day
    week 3 30mgE/200mgcaff. twice a day
    week 4 off
    week 5 same as week 3
    week 6 same as week 3 ( this week will end on week 4 of tboll/Var cycle)

    I plan on taking 2-3 weeks off after this and start clen cycling

    The complete inventory for this is:
    200 anavar
    98 Tboll
    61 Ephedrine

    should i use any pct? how does it look overall?:squat::squat:

  2. nobody has anything for me here?

    I understand not to many stacked cycles with these 2 compounds

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