Best AI to run on cycle?

  1. Best AI to run on cycle?

    Which AI do most folks prefer to run on cycle, Arimidex or Letrozole?

    Here is my planned cycle:

    Week 1-16 Test E 750mg EW
    Week 3-12 Deca 400mg EW
    Week 1-3 Dbol 25mg ED
    Week 1-4 (not sure if i'm gonna run this)Test Prop 100mg EOD
    PCT Nolva & Clomid

    Just wondering if I need to run Letro or Arimidex on cycle or just keep one on hand in case problems arise or run it on cycle and as part of pct.

  2. is this first cycle or not? do you have disposition to gyno? Letro is pretty strong although i've used it if your not predisposed i like arimedex

  3. No this is not my first cycle, this is my first time using deca. I have never had gyno either. I've ran mostly straight Test cycles at 500-1000mg EW for 12 weeks.

  4. td formestane.

  5. Why the F is arimidex so expensive? Compared to other AI/Serms its like 5-10x as much.

  6. Deca and Tren produce an excess of Prolactin in your body. This in turn can produce a different kind of gyno that Letro nor A-dex will treat (or at least not as effectively). what i would suggest is a Prolactin Agonists. such as Cabergoline. You could also use Bromo, but Cabergoline seems to be more effective. it also wouldn't hurt to keep the A-dex or Letro at hand just in case you think you may have Test induced gyno.


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