Possible GYNO

  1. Possible GYNO

    I think i might be getting possible gyno under my left nipple. It seems hard under my left nipple. My right nippple is fine for some reason. I have pics to show if someone wants to see. This is the first time i have had this. I recently took trenadrol and took inhibit e stack for PCT. It hasnt really gotten too much better and varies day to day. Like i said, i have never experienced this so please tell me some good supplements to take. I want to email a pic to someone who knows about this stuff so they can tell if its gyno or not. I need to order some supps ASAP and need some help.

  2. pictures will prob help in this case, might as well post some up

  3. Get Letro.....Btw the reason this is happening is because of your lack of Post cycle therapy knowledge. By using Inhibit-e you are just asking for problems

  4. where can i find letro? is it better than nolva??I am going to order something asap. Just need to find where and for cheap?

  5. "letrozole" is a very strong anti-estrogen (stops production all together) and has been seen to reverse gyno in some individuals.

    Also, epistane (an anabolic) has some users reporting anti-gyno effects. Check threads

  6. You don't want sups, you want to look for a research chem. Anastrozole at 0.5mg EOD should clear it up if it is gyno.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Ziricote View Post
    You don't want sups, you want to look for a research chem. Anastrozole at 0.5mg EOD should clear it up if it is gyno.
    Anastrozole is great stuff, but correct me if I'm wrong, letro is much more powerful for battling gyno. So strong that it sometimes prevents gains on a bulking cycle. I witnessed this first-hand.

    I don't think Anas. has been documented to reverse gyno. Letro on the other hand, has had publicity in this matter. Check steroid.com

  8. what about nolvadex?

  9. many people believe that letro is the best product to reverse Gyno....I have been on it for 5 days and i already notice a difference


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