Anyone tried 4-ad alone?

  1. Anyone tried 4-ad alone?

    Has anyone done 4-ad alone, and if so, what kinda results did you get. I'm curious on how well 10g of 4-ad and 5g of 19nor would work in some t-gel. I've seen some success stories with 19nor, just wondering about 4-ad results.

  2. My first cycle was 4ad alone at 400 mg per day and I put on about 12 pound in 5 weeks and kept 8. It worked well for me.

  3. Working on it. I did a 3 week cycle of high-dosed oral 4-ad and was impressed. Kept about 7 lbs when all was said and done.

    Currently a week into a bottle of T-4. Only up a couple of pounds at week 1, but I've got another week to go. Hell, if I'm not satisfied, I'll pick up a bottle of 4-ad at the supp. store and high-dose it till it's done. I'll let ya know how things go.

  4. Originally posted by goin_big
    I'm curious on how well 10g of 4-ad and 5g of 19nor would work in some t-gel.
    4-AD works well by itself, but alot of people (myself included) get alot of bloat from it so when you go off cycle, you can lose alot of what you gained.

    The stack that you're planning (10g of 4-ad and 5g of 19nor) I think will be good for alot of bloat and possible gyno. 19nor is a dione and is prone to aromatization and so is it target hormone. It also has a very low conversion rate to its target hormone. 4-AD is much better in that it cannot aromatize (but its target hormone can). If you want to run these two together, I would run it with an anti-e and have Nolva on standby.

    My advice is to go with a tried and true stack like 1-AD/4-AD or 1-Test/4-AD. If your diet/workout is squared away, you won't be disappointed with the results.

    Hey bro, just my 2 cents. Take it for what its worth.

  5. ive done 4-ad alone 12 grams over 4 weeks. i was very satisfed with the resuls. keep in mind i was still satisified using the 4-ad after taking many cycles of "underground" supplements. i would estimate that i put on about 8-10 pounds. i didnt bloat much at all, however i was running liquidex a .5mg/day. this helped me stay very lean. i would definately recomend a cycle of 4-AD WITH liquidex.



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