1. Americell-labs

    Hey guys I was at my local supplement store yesterday and the owner seems to be pushing americell-labs now that ids is out of bussiness. Have ya'll heard of these guys? The guy said that Tren X treme was pretty good and he was taking it and that Mass X treme was pretty hardcore both made buy americell-labs. What do ya'll think?

  2. IDS is not out of business, they've just discontinued the only part of their line that makes money. Americell-labs products are generally over priced Max-Muscle supplements. They don't have anything that isn't a clone of something else that couldn't also be found cheaper elsewhere.

  3. This is true. My local independently owned supp store used to carry these products. They stopped selling them, because they were not making any money off of them due to the fact that better brand names were selling more. They cleared their inventory with a blowout sale that I was too late to catch. If I had, I may have picked some of their stuff up.

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