Reccomend Stack For Dazed's Products

  1. Reccomend Stack For Dazed's Products

    Hey guys, I am going to do a cycle of Dazed products, the inj.'s , and was wondering what everyone wonders as a cycle using his products, I'm looking to get lean gains and drop body fat, and am training under IA so that part is taken care of, and was just wondering what your reccomendations would be, without too bad of shutdown of the man stuff, thanks guys.


  2. I am using Dazed's 1 test cyp at 500 mg weekly and his 4-ad cyp at 1400 mg weekly. I am on my 2nd week and for the first week I frontloaded the 4 ad cyp at 2000 mg.

  3. How's the burn? HOw long are you going to run the cycle for and what are your goals? Nolva for PCT?

  4. 1) No burn

    2) 5-6 weeks then cruise with clomid, arimidex, novadex for 2-3 weeks then blast again.

    3) shorterm goal: 245 lbs

    Longterm : 275 lbs by january

  5. where do you find dazed products, or more on actual ph injections?



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