new cycle with 1-test cyp injectable

  1. new cycle with 1-test cyp injectable

    I am planning my next cycle. I am about 3 weeks away from finishing a fina only cycle and am very pleased with the results so far. I basically don't have a source for the real **** so I was planning a 1-test cyp and 4-ad injectable cycle of 8 weeks. I just have acouple questions regarding these substances once converted into an injectable. First of all this is the recipe I am going to use to make the 1-test cyp

    Test Cypionate 5 gram conversion

    5 grams test c
    1ml Benzyl Alcohol = 5% BA
    15.25 ml sesame oil
    Syringes 3cc & 5/10cc
    18 or 20 gauge needles
    mixing Vial
    Sterile Vial
    Whatman sterile filter

    now that makes 250mg/ml. I was planning on doing shots every 3 days at 1ml each day so that would be 500mg a week. The question I have about 4ad is can I use the same recipe for test to make it and what mg should i use each week for that. Do I really need to add some BB in there or is BA just fine. Thanks for the info. BTW I don't plan on starting this cycle for 12 weeks after I finish this cycle. I just want to buy everthing and get it all setup seeing as PH's might be no more soon

  2. From what i've read (never actually made) that recipe will work fine with 1-test, no bb needed. Your dosages look good, the 4-ad you're gonna need like 12-1500mg a week so you'll be shooting quite a bit of oil. I'm not sure how well 4-ad cyp goes in solution, only one way to find out
    Hopefully someone chimes in, otherwise read up over at i think there's info on it over there.

  3. 4-ad cyp should have no problem going to 300mg/ml some guys have reported 500mg/ml... not sure about that one Even at 300 you shooting 5ml a week.

    Also beware of any source offers sent to you after this post, scammers may want to take advantage of your lack of connections.

  4. *ahem if someone were lookin for some 4ad cyp...there MIGHT be some for sale in the swap meet....just a lil hint

  5. Legalgear carries 4-AD cyp injectable also

  6. yeah I won't pay attention to source offers. I think I am going to go with dazed's premade 1-test and 4-ad cyp products. They look nice and I am damn lazy so If I don't have to do the conversion then I will pay the price. Also once I do start the cycle even though it will be awhile I will do a weekly log so everyone can see the results of this injectable stack


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