transdermal cycle

  1. transdermal cycle


    aight so i've gone through the methyl's (epistane, superdrol, and phera)

    and want to run a 10 week cycle of something unmethylated that would go well in a transdermal solution.

    1,4AD? this converts to boldenone correct? does NP carry it?

    anyways somebody suggest a good hormone for a transdermal for me to run, i'll run phera as a kickstart for 4 weeks .

    also $$ is a factor so take that into consideration

    basically i'll run

    wk 1-10 transdermal 1,4AD or whatever PH/PS is currently available that makes a good transdermal...

    wk 1-4 60mg P-plex

    post cycle therapy 11-14 - Clomid @ 50mgs (always the protocol i use, clomid is by far the best post cycle therapy out there, people get carried away with the dosages and this is why it has a bad rap)

    any info is apprec.

    and stats are

    5'8" 182 ~9% bf.

    goals: lean bulk (i dont care about bloat, don't have gyno issues, prefer actually a slightly wetter cycle, the estro helps with mood, and i have form and atd on hand for estro issues, as well as access to a-dex and letro if necessary)

    also if this could be moved to the steroids section that'd be great, i dont know how to do it.

  2. Test base works best.

    Most base AAS powders work well.
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