Noraderm and 4 Aderm stack

  1. Noraderm and 4 Aderm stack

    I am really concerned with the one test and hair loss. Am I being crazy?

    I hope with a 4 week stack as stated I can get close to the 10 lbs avg gain on the T one final.

    Anyone try this with succsess?

    I need some feedback becasue I am making my purchase this weekend

  2. I am not prone to hairloss, but I did try that stack. I gained from about 185 to 195 in about 3 weeks (tons of water), and I stayed on for about another 3 weeks. The last 3 weeks I got up to 200. The whole time I felt VERY pumped, hard and just a had a lot of all around "well being" a little extra high I guess.

    After the cycle I dropped a good 8 pounds of water, stayed at about 192. Kept a good 7 lbs. BUT, after I dropped the water I was noticably leaner. Definitely a kick ass cycle if you can wait it out until the end past the water retention. I only say this because there's gonna be A LOT of water retention!!

    maybe an anti-e from liqua-solutions would make for a good partner in crime during this cycle

    EDIT: oh and I forgot to mention, I threw in about an extra 200grams of carbs a day while on this cycle, lol. So maybe that is why I gained so much water weight (at one point up 15 lbs)

  3. i'm on my 4th week of this stack. i luv it cuz of the lean gains and low side-effects. On my previous cycle of 1-ad and 4-aderm, i gained +10 pounds, but i look all bloated from all the 4-aderm (8squirts/2Xday). then with the 1-ad at 600mg/day, i was always lethargic, moody, loss, loss my libido, and by the end of 4th week, i couldn't get it up anymore.

    I've always had great success with Ergo's Nordiol, so i decided to do my current cycle with Nor-Aderm at 7squirts/day and 4-ad at 2squirts/2X day. i've got some good lean gains with this combo w/o the bloated look. i've gained just as much weight as 1-ad/4-ad, but very little sides. though, the strength gains from 1-ad/4-ad was more than the nordiol/4-ad. good luck!

  4. ok- I was on avants site last night and the products were named- Now they are just named PH gel and Gell # 3 what gives and wich gel is wich?

  5. avant doesn't sell them any more, the ph gel is just a gel to mix phs into, not sure what gel 3 is. You can get the gels at

  6. Yeah I must have been stoned last night!

  7. I liked my nor and 4 cycle. Side effects were minimal: libido went down a little at the end and water retention was minimal for me. Gained strength and size. Not as effective as a 1-test/4-AD cycle but effective nonetheless.


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