my experience on 2 weeks on T1-Pro info

  1. my experience on 2 weeks on T1-Pro info

    2 weeks on T1-Pro

    After hitting the weights hard for two months this summer, i took a month off from working out to play a lot of basktbball. My bodyfat is about 17-18%. I'm 26 years old. been working on and off for years. My friend bee on two cyles of pro-hormones. I wanted to jumpstart my new found dedication for being healthy and fit. As they say, A fit body never goes out of style. I've always been insecure about taking off my shirt. I'm looking forward on doing so by next spring with some lean muscle mass and dropping my bodyfat.

    After two weeks of use and intense training. Getting about 1 to 1.5 grams a protein a day. 5-6 meals a day (the protein shakes counting as a meal) My weight went from 163-168. Itís not all muscle though. Probably some water weight, fat and muscle. I did my pec Thursday night, maxed out. Wish I had a partner to rip it more, I also did some triceps. When I got home, I flexed my arm and never seen it so big. T1Pro definitely gave me extra strength and stamina to push as much as I can. Starting on Monday, I was extremely lethargic. As people say on the board, itís the 1-Test, thatís causing it and I started a new job. Not use to waking up so damn early. Looking to max out on my back and back to my biceps this weekend. Ever since going on this cycle which is my first, I made the commitment not to drink. Being a club promoter, itís been relatively tough not to drink. I just smoke some weed, but damn drinking and weed goes well together.

    I play ball three times a week, yesterday I sprain my ankle and there goes my cardio for couple weeks.

    How long with being lethargic last for? Tried to take some Xendrine yesterday, I felt cranked out. Didnít like Xendrine too much because I lost my libido once. It was hella embarrassing.

  2. Cool

    The lethargy will probably be with you the whole time your on cycle. Some ways to combat the lethargy of 1-test is more 4-ad(watch the bloat tho) or some stimulants like EC stack. Not sure it will help with moodiness since it didn't for me. Also along with the lethargy, you may lose your libido like i did. If you can stand the sides, 1-test is the strongest and most effective of the prohormones. unfortunately, the sides was not worth it for me since it started to affect my work and social life. i'm just gonna stick with Nordiol from now on. good luck to ya!

  3. Abzolute,
    The lethargy will remain till about 1 week after cycle ends. 4-AD helps some but it has sides as well. If your using the Pro version then you are already absorbing some daily. Its really a personal thing. I dose hardcore and get severe lethargy but I suck it up and deal with it which aint easy since Im full time employed and behind a comp allday then in classes till 11 pm at night to come home to my (Lovely ) wife.

    I would recommend staying any from heavy stims like ephedrine because they will only cause your body to shut down hardier once they wear off.

    Suck it up and deal with it. Sure you may look like **** for the next couple days but if you want to "jumpstart" your new found "dedication" then push through it.


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