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  1. Site Enhancement Topical

    How do the bros here feel about a sight specifc topical, like what avant/ xtreme form. is coming ouit with. Id like to think that it may work to some degree, and the only drawback would be that some of the PH may be delivered systematically (which we all know isnt a bad thing). I believe its going to be put into avants gel #3 which someon correct me if im wrong but I believe its the same gel they use for FL7, nd ab-solved. If we get enough info on this, maybe we can try a homebrew?

  2. What ever happened to the thread a while back when you were asking for testers for a new trandsermal? I wanted to start a transdermal cycle and was wondering if I just didn't get choosen for it, thanks a lot.


  3. Well, Im really leaning towards not doing it, I think right now it would be suipid for me to put any money into a PH product with the ban looming overhead. Im going to keep it on the back burner for awhile and see what happens with the ban. If in a month or so there is no real developments with the ban, then I will bring it back out.

  4. The site specific idea has been discussed at length both here and at avant conclusions
    here: Bull****
    Avant: Works great

    Take your pick

  5. I think we shld get me trials going....I would be happy to supply the homebrew gels.... and maybe even the PH's since I have a ****load from my planed tests...any ideas?

  6. Ill try it out for you you can check my diet and stats in the training section

  7. We have a small batch being made, at the later end of this week, I think. Customizer will have to fill you in on this as he did the scheduling.

  8. sounds good, we'll have to seehow it woks out...Id love to try it out..if the price is right.

  9. I once made a homebrew topical yohimbe. I wanted to burn face fat. About 20 mins after application, for some reason I decided to hold my breath and get all my blood to rush to my face. I do sometimes for no reason really.

    Well I felt kinda funny. Then I felt a kinda buzz. Then I colapsed and was staring at the ceiling. It was a cool trip.

    Topical yohimbe to face + blood rush = near sycope

    go wild people

  10. thats just ****ed up dude I cant imagine doing that to your head is good for you anyway and with your blood pressure already raised from the Y I would say it is borderline dangerous.

  11. How bout posting some results from betas or actually beta the product to a member of this site so that we can see real world results before blowing 80 beans on a product that we are currently in the dark about. I prefer to spend money on things that Im sure will work. If it claims site enhancing then I want to see it site enhance. If I rub this **** on my leg and my chest is the only thing growing then it is just a transdermal. If theres a disclaimer stateing that the area treated must be trained more them average then its not site enhanceing. Site enhanceing to me means that If I treat one arm with the product that that arm should grow larger then the untreated arm. Is this the case Customizer? Im not shooting your product down but I have yet to buy the idea from Avant and Forums.
    So pretend your selling me this **** in the store and Im trying to decide between your product and a regular Transdermal, whats your pushing point. Why should I buy this and how are you going to convince me to buy it?

    I need some kind of reinforcment that tells me this aint a sham.


    ps. Like I said Im not discrediting you or claiming your product doesnt work, Im asking for proof or giving you a chance to prove it before I draw any conclusions. If I was you I would Allow one member (someone that seems capable of providing good research info and grounds of study) from each well known board to Beta it and post results freely.

  12. Actually, I think this would work. Considering that absolved, which is basically in the same carrier as site-enhance, does a good job at localizing the 7oxodhea. It is mostly the benzyl that keeps it locally instead of systematically. I think we should look into coming up with a homebrew formula for this.

  13. God damn, i have no scientific proff on the next statement i make :

    How the fuk can the addition of benzyol alcohol and taking out pg make the product site specific? Sorry bro's i need 30 people in this thread to tell me it worked or i ain't believing ****.

  14. I really dont know.... But thats what par did with absolved ....he ahd a write up on it and he metnioned ("one of the ingrediants has been scientifically proven to localize") he was refering to Benzl alcohol as he thinks it is his "secret" ingrediant and he has filed a use patent on it.

  15. there is plenty of feedback on gel#3 on the avant board, someone mentioned 3/4" upper arm gain in 16 days and that if i remember correct was a 1test only, Caleb and I discussed this at length and both feel it will absolutely work better with 4AD/1test

    As for the science/write up he is providing that for us

  16. Originally posted by Customizer
    there is plenty of feedback on gel#3 on the avant board, someone mentioned 3/4" upper arm gain in 16 days and that if i remember correct was a 1test only, Caleb and I discussed this at length and both feel it will absolutely work better with 4AD/1test

    As for the science/write up he is providing that for us
    How much of that 3/4 of an inch was kept post cycle? And did it still have an overall effect on the rest of the body?

  17. Im sure some of it will be absorbed systematically, how mcuh is what we dont know. Im waiting for the science write up from par. I would be interesting in trying, I just want to see the science first.

  18. Howdy all,

    Signed to see what everyone had to say on the Ulter/R-ala/labelclaimstesting thing, and I had to read this thread.

    Anyway, several people stuck androgens in Gel # 3 and got results very much in line with what one would expect with local delivery of an androgen -- 3/4 to 1" in a couple weeks, no testicular shrinkage, no subjective CNS effects.

    Also, to clarify, it is not my opinion that it will be better than transdermal, per se, as it is too different to compare. I think it will produce more growth, for the money, in the area applied, though.


    Par, congrats on all of the Leptigen publicity in the October issue of Max Sports and Fitness Magazine.


  20. Is that out??

  21. Just picked up the latest issue about 3 hours ago after my workout at LA Fitness



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