is it worth it?

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    is it worth it?

    I am kidna goign back and forth as what to do for my next cycle. I recently broke my hand. . .so i got some tiem to think abou tit but my questions is should i stick with my source who provides qv (he is not domestic however) or shoudl i go with a domestic powder source. I just got a source that is domestic that came through for like 5 of my friends. I was thinking about getting what i was gonna take, test prop, and making my own with winny. . . is it that difficult to do safely, it seems i keep hearing horror stories from people with infections. This source is great so i want to take advantage. . . just don't know if ti's worht the hassle. Let me know your thoughts.

  2. Domestic is always safer than international. Gear making is about sterility and doing it right. It isnt hard, if you have attention to detail. Make it easy, with the prop, use dazed premixed oil, drop the powder in, and then syringe filter it and your good to go. Quiuck, easy and painless.

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