If Halodrol-50 and clones have a androgenic scale of 6/100 how did I lose hair?

  1. Question If Halodrol-50 and clones have a androgenic scale of 6/100 how did I lose hair?

    I was thinking the other day about an upcoming possible cycle Propadrol/CEL H-Drol in a few months and was wondered how I lost hair if Halo is a relatively low androgenic compound? Got this info from BK's post a while back "On a scale of 1 to 100 the androgenic effect is very low -only a 6- and the anabolic effect is 53."

    So heres what could of went wrong.... I did Halodrol-50 for the first 3 weeks and then used Fast Action H-Drol for the remaining 2 weeks. Cycle went as follows 50/50/75/75/75. I did notice the hair thinning at the end of the cycle.

    The Halodrol-50 that I used was one of the last batches and from what I understand it didnt have any DMT. I also started to wonder if possibly H-drol could of had DMT in it?

    What do you guys think?

  2. from what i understand, all Haladrol 50 had DMT and thats why its was so effective. Any clone produced today will not have DMT in it. HOWEVER, everyone seems to react differently to every compound. For every symptom or benefit, you can find someone, somewhere claiming the opposite. So....best guess is the Haladrol 50 did have the DMT or you just responded to in a less common way.

    What gains did you see from this cycle and at what dosages? I was considering the same one, CEL H Drol and Prop, or H Drol and Bold

  3. Everybody responds differently to these compounds, and I've noticed some weird sh*t happens sometimes when people take designers. Weird sh*t has happened to me, and I've seen it happen to others. Sometimes it's just unfortunate consequences from the choices that we make. Before I took steroids, I always thought that hairloss, gyno, and hrt were probrably a few of the most unfortunate consequences that could result from juicing. Well, Ive gone through 2 out of 3, and so far it has worked itself out. Fortunately I'm in pretty good health otherwise. You just have to take the good with the bad and try not to obsess about it. Just remember that we have to accept all of the possibilities that could come with the territory, and health and well being is paramount with our lifestyle. I feel sorry for the guys who go bald and never touched a hormone altering substance in their life, shoot, at least we get something out of it.

  4. Thanks for the replies fellas!

    Ok so all Halodrol-50's had DMT in it even the last batch...wow I thought it was only the first batch. That would explain why I dont see the same effective results from the clones. To be honest I really enjoyed the cycle minus the hair loss. I felt great the whole 5 weeks, energy, great mood, libido, strength, no sides what more could you ask for. Hair loss was not even really much of a thought since I have never lost hair and thought I would of saw hair falling out by a week or two if it was going to happen.

    I gained almost 12 lbs. and lost a little fat, not sure what % of bf I lost but if I were to guess how much fat I lost in pounds I would say 3-4lbs maybe. PCT went great too, only lost 1 lb. Got blood work done after and it came back great.

    Yes sides are part of the game even as much as we dont want to see them. The reason why I am still in such shock is that I have never lost any hair before this and I still have quite a bit of hair. I never knew I had MPB till after the cycle. No one in my family is bald at all, my dad is 50 and he still has a lot of hair but its thinning a little at the hairline and crown. I thought its because I upped the dose and ran an extra week but maybe DMT? Heres some pictures
    Whats weird is theres more thinning on the left side as you can see here

    The reason why I am thinking about H-drol from CEL is that I read that there H-drol compound has been comfirmed by a lab or something like that. And Propadol because there no DMT (from what EST says) and was talking to Legal Gear and they said its not androgenic. So from what I understand those are the only 2 things that cause hair loss on cycle so I "would" think its what I am looking for or nothing at all. I wanna give it one more shot with PH's. This time I will be prepared though....taking 2% Nizoral E3D, buying Hair Genesis shampoo, maybe some kind of topical and saw palmetto caps 3x a day. I have liquid Finasteride that I will have to think about if I should take E3D since taking .5mg ED caused libido to be almost gone.

    Sorry I wrote so much just trying to give as much detail as possible.

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