Liquid Research SUX!!!!!!!!

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  1. Liquid Research SUX!!!!!!!!

    Here is my story of On July 8th I ordered a bottle of nolvadex and a bottle of clomid. I was supposed to recieve it in like 3-5 days. After e-mailing back and forth for A WHOLE MONTH. I finally received my package: 2 bottles of nolvadex, no clomid but 2 bottle of anastrozole (liquid dex). This sux. I'm trying to get a bottle of clomid asap because I start my cycle Tuesday.

    By the way are there any reliable places to get a bottle of clomid asap?

  2. hit up they sell flavoured stuff.

  3. by the way, what is DEX. I know it is another anti-e but I haven't heard much about someone using it for their cycle or pct.

  4. used to control estrogen/bloat can be used post cycle aswell with clomid.

  5. i'm doing a 8 week cycle of (150mg test enth, 75mg test prop, 75mg deca). With clomid I was going to do-- 1day*300mg, 10days*100mg and 10days*50mg starting 3 weeks after last shot. How would a post cycle of dex work out and is it just as good as clomid?

  6. you can use nolva post cycle....

  7. or both have fast service and my flavored chem line .........

  8. LR has been great to me, the service has been improving lately. I ordered the last day of the big sale and got the stuff in a week. Mike has been working hard to get caught up and still has the best prices around.

    Hey buyb12 your sig has powrenutrition not powernutrition

  9. the service shouldn't have to improve it should just be good to begin with .......They have been around for to long not to be on the ball. It must be a supply issue.....

    I don't know Mike he bought some b12 from us a while back ....hope he gets it together It makes things hard for us all...even if we are always fast

  10. They were good to begin with and had a rough time between TONS of orders and supply problems. Everything is getting back on track, lots of guys are getting stuff in 8 days or less and almost all those who don't get it that fast are very well compensated. It took about 9 days for mine and Mike treated me very nicely . It isn't a perfect situation but I still give them props.

  11. I placed the same order from LR and recieved it promptly. Sux to be you. Good luck

  12. Dude if they send you nolva, use that for PCT its just as good.

  13. and without the nasty side effects of clomid. Send me your two bottles of nolva, and i will gladly send you my clomid.

  14. buyb12, i assume you are a young man, and not the most experienced in business. DO NOT EVER MAKE A NEGATIVE INSINUATION ABOUT A COMPETITOR, OR STATE THAT THE COMPETITOR EVER BOUGHT FROM YOU.

    this only makes you look sleazy, even if you're the most ethical businessman on earth. this will backfire on you and cost you business. if you're going to cultivate relationships which involve repeat business, then it's best to keep the lip zipped, and don't even comment on a thread about anyone you're competing with in the marketplace.

    in other words, it's not professional.

    i'm not trying to be ****ty with you here, just pointing out a simple business principle. let your products and service speak for you.

  15. Damn!

  16. point well taken ..I do busines with alot of my competitors........

  17. Hmm, if you received two bottles of nolvadex and two bottles of liquidex for the price of one bottle of nolvadex and one bottle of clomid I think you got a nice deal when it's all said and done. I'm sure you shouldn't have any difficulties in finding someone to trade one of your bottles of nolvadex or liquidex for some clomid, and that still leaves you with two extra bottles of product. Not bad at all other than the ridiculous wait time you had to put up with.

  18. hey buy12, I never order from you before maybe you got another mike confused with me, I have respect for all my competitors because we all are in the same game,

  19. so sorry Mike it was LS that ordered from us.......but you should drop me a line and we should talk.....

    [email protected]
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  20. ups
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  21. careful man this could be seen as a source post plus its probably a rip off

  22. all i can say is mike took care of me just fine . they got way behind, but he's getting caught up now. i'll definitely buy from liquid research again.

    the guy who started this thread ought to be happy he got such a good deal, and he's being pretty anal about the whole thing. it's not like you can't start a cycle without clomid if you got liquidex and nolvadex.

  23. ok.. i got my package from liquid research today. and i owe mike a huge apology for over-reacting when i thought it hadn't been sent.

    mike even offered me free product to try to make me happy. i feel like a complete idiot.

    show me a piece of that humble pie!

  24. LR ROCKS! Cant beat there prices! Never had a problem with them. Keep up the good work mike!


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