Epistane vs. Havoc vs. Epidrol vs. Methyl E

  1. Epistane vs. Havoc vs. Epidrol vs. Methyl E

    Has anyone had experience using at least two (preferably more) of the above mentioned PHs? Can you provide a comparison as far as results, mood, and sides?

    I'm not so much interested in debating whether or not they are the same compounds (if you have definitive reasoning either way though, that would be cool). I will be doing my own research to try to figure that out.

    Any direct comparisons would be awesome!


  2. From what I have read:

    1. Epistane - Heightened mood and feel good.

    2. Havoc - More of an aggressive kill the weight feel

    3. Epidrol - Not sure I felt neither of the above

    All three of these are valid products and work well, I would have no problem purchasing any of them. Of course I recommend Epistane if you can find it, but would have no problem slapping my money down for Havoc.

    Much Love,


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