1-t final no need for dmso

  1. 1-t final no need for dmso

    In the powernutrition site it says that there no need to add dmso , why ?

    i have some dmso can i still add it?

  2. DMSO is not needed but can enhance the penetration od 1-T.  If you have some pure stuff you can still add it. I belive that 1 oz of DMSO per 4 oz of 1-T is the norm.  Some people do experience some skin irritaition though.  I used it with no problems.

  3. I know all that but before they used to sell dmso but now they say it's not neeed , is it because of the new pe ?

  4. Yes, according to powernutrition's site the T-1 Pro and T-1 Final that they sell is suspended in BDC's new PE formula.

  5. The new PE's kick ass bro. No need for DMSO. Heard plenty of good things.

  6. but i have some dmso left and i 'm going to use it !


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