sd on empty stomach?

  1. sd on empty stomach?

    Am I correct to assume that superdrol should be taken with a fatty meal. also should it be dosed pre and post workout if taking 20mgs...or is it better to just do it 12 hours apart.


  2. any input would be appreciated

  3. When I took mine, i sterted stupid and took it on an empty stomach but someone corrected me by telling me to take it with a fatty meal. Also, I read that the half-life of SD is 6-8 hours so dose accordingly. I usually took mine about 8 hours after the first dose.

  4. The whole point of methylation is bioavailability, otherwise it wouldn't be more than just a factor for increased hepatoxicity. It's not necessary to take with a fatty meal, but it couldn't hurt (although it will likely slow absorption). I would concentrate more on clean carbs with superdrol doses. Sweet potatoes, oats, waxy maize, etc.

    As far as dosing, I would take the doseages separately. This should help levels stay more constant and help avoid harsher than necessary sides.

    Are you already on cycle or are you still planning everything. What do you have for support supps and pct?
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  5. stxnas, you seem to know what your talking about so i ask you this. Im planning on taking a 4 week cycle of the superdrol ng week one: 2 pills, week two: 3, week three:4, week four: question is when should i be dosing these throughout the day or all before my workout? Thanks

  6. What's up Kernkraft. I was wondering if that was you, lol...if I recall, you would know about sd...

    M.nads, Kernkraft is right about dosing, but the original post didn't mention "NG", so I assume it's in reference to the designer (support supps for ON cycle and post cycle therapy will be much different for S.D. and SDNG).

    SDNG won't require a SERM, but something like Anabolic Innovations POST Cycle Support would work nicely. I wouldn't suggest taking any doseages in the evenings. It has some Yohimbine HCL in it and I believe some caffeine.
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  7. The product is superdrol ng and im planning on running a cycle of anabolic PCT and liver support through out my cycle to be safe. Support sups on the other hand im finding difficult to come up with superdrol ng, any suggestions? From what I understand you and k.kfaft suggest taking my doses in the am then pre-wo and try to stay away from evening doses. Thanks

  8. Mike, you really should start a separate thread in the AX forum. These are two very different products and I would hate for somebody to get the two confused and think they could take superdrol with just some milk thistle, NAC, RALA (<---AX Perfect Cycle)

    Quote Originally Posted by kerkraft
    stxnas let me know if you know of any original h kickin around... hard to come by that stuff especially at a reasonable grab
    I quit messing with all of that not too long ago. It bought my books for two semesters though! There's just too many gray (grey for you canucks) areas that I would rather not be associated with. Most of the good stuff is at least in this area, if not down right illegal now.
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  9. good call, ill do that now. thanks


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