steroid testing, urgent!

  1. steroid testing, urgent!

    Friend of mine is ob probation, and is being tested directly for steroids. He says he wants to take 1-Testosterone. He wants to know if it will show up as steroids on his urinalysis? If not, what will it show up as?

  2. If your friend is on any real probation then he better play it safe and avoid it. Aint no PH's inside the joint bro. He'll be lifting all natural for his time served if it does show up as positive.

  3. theres nothing out yet for 1-test, but they can always just test his test lvls im assuming, and if they come back waaaay above normal then he might screwed as well.

  4. As long as you can prove its legal, there is no problem with it. There is no reason to worry about 1-test unless he's stacking it with something else... If they test his test levels, and he is far enough into his cycle, he will come up way low, but whatever....just tell him to be honest with what he is taking... IMHO, tell him to take nothing,....the mofo is on probation, the last thing he needs is more trouble... Lift natty until you are done with the ****...

  5. I am on probation and using 1-test...i have never failed

  6. good for you Spoofy,you are lucky man


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