Hello...new to the forum with a question

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    Hello...new to the forum with a question

    I have been active in sports since high school, having done some supplimental weight training from time to time. I have done two cycles of Superdrol in the past with great results...no other prohormones/roids to date. My recent bloodwork came in at normal for my age, etc.

    I am ready to try a new regimen and was wondering what you all think of this stack:

    methylated masterdiol-Supervol (curious to see if the results will be the same as with Superdrol)
    tren xtreme-synergesic to the SV?
    and finally, orestan-A (also curious to see if there is any benefit working in relation to the SV and TX.

    Any thoughts?

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    Just a forewarning, a lot of people here won't be so supportive of so much PH experience at such a young age [safety issues]

    You using them for football or something? You've got a serious stack going on.

    Are you using proper Post Cycle Therapy? Your body's already a furnace of circulating hormones at your age, so be careful that you stay on top of safety measures.
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    Sorry, I should have elaborated a bit more...

    I am 38 and have some Nolva on hand for post therapy. I am very active (surf/ski/water polo/mtn bike/etc.). I have only done moderate weight training in the past, having experimented with Superdrol. I take a ton of suppliments for the liver, heart, lipids in general, etc. on a regular basis. Currently taking Omegas/milk thistle/vitamin Bs/vitamin E/Saw pometto/zinc...and others.

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