EQ and winstrol cycle

  1. EQ and winstrol cycle

    Hello everyone I'm new on here. I'm currently about to start the Winstrol and EQ cycle. What type of result can I get from it I don't want to be bulky. I'm 6'0 225 now with 7% bodyfat. Do I take EQ first then after that take Winstrol or should I combine the two.

  2. before my inputs,

    just curious.

    why did you get these two compounds?

    seriously, im just curious, thats not sarcastic, because you have them with you cuz you paid for them and yet you dont know whats going to happen, so i am wondering why you got them (what have you heard or what do you know about them etc.)?

  3. line 'em up and snort 'em.

    You'll get to -3% body fat.
  4. I packed on 25lbs on one bottle

    Cause when I took EQ by it's self I got up to 260 from 230 with 11% bodyfat the reason why I got up in weight so much is cause I was eating 7 plates a day and was drinking 2 gallons of water a day. When I talk to my people they say all I had to do was control my diet and I would have been fine. That was hard cause I would get so hungry til it was crazy.

  5. To phil thanks how long will it take me. 3% that's what's up. I'll start in 3 weeks I'm working out hard and running 3 miles a day. So I'm eating 5 small meals a day. Many people say that you should keep a chart. I did 425lb on the bench yesterday with no spot. I'm not on nothing but a fat burner no bull. I 'm 221lb body fat is 7% now. So on a strict diet by 3 weeks I should be 218llb bodyfat should be at 5.5-6.0%. My bench should be 440lbs. before I get on what should I expect after my cycle. Thanks in advance.



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