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  • This toast should easily fix the temperature of the bath water

    4 11.76%
  • I painted the walls with my excrement and ate my dog

    8 23.53%
  • Being a zombie is only half-bad; Most zombies are waaay happy

    6 17.65%
  • My liver died yesterday, but I'm still here

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GR Juicy's Retarded A$$ "Yes B5150 You Can Ban Me" Cycle of the Yearathon

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  1. umm.. no replies?

  2. wtf?
    how many days on the sus500? just one?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by pistonpump View Post
    how many days on the sus500? just one?
    i dunno why i'm banned. how do ya go and ban somebody without telling them why?? it makes no sense. 6 days broskie. it's completely kicked in. My veins are well veiny. my arms have swollen up and my legs too. as well as glutes. i'm kinda bloated looking like anadrol too. i expected that. my workouts are very intense and focused. when i was doing DB presses the other day I wanted to punch the ceiling with my weights. it literally felt like i could.

  4. im in lil biatch

  5. sounds great so far.

  6. gotripped, maybe ur gold membership just ran out? It doesn't say banned underneath your original account name, which is weird.

  7. hey GR just outta curiosity, what brand sus500 you using? genetic edge tech?

  8. Haven't been here in a looong time so out of the loop what is sus 500??? is that a new sustanon?

  9. well he's poppin it so it must be an oral. I think its the genetic edge tech one i listed but i'm not sure, waitin on his reply.

  10. yeah it is the GET stuff

  11. Awesome thanks. Heard its a LMG clone. Know anything?


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