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  1. Liquid Nolva

    A question for you guys here on the board. I am on a 4-week cycle of BDC Power LGP 1-Test consisting of 1 squirt twice a day. After feedback here I am considering using Liquid Nolva listed as Tamoxifen Citrate USP for post recovery. Since the bottle is 50ML and I am hoping to squeeze 2 post cycle thearapy's out of it would it be ok to take 20mg for 25 days for post cycle? Thanks.

  2. After much thought I have decided to up my dosages to 4 squirts ED. Even though Im only on day 4 of my cycle will it make much difference that I didnt start with the 4 squirts???? Also I have decided to go with the full bottle of Nolva, what are the correct dosages? Thanks again...

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