? on clen cycle

  1. Question ? on clen cycle

    i will be starting my clen cycle this week and i will be doing the 2 week on/ 2 week off cycle. i will be starting at 40 mcg then working my way up for the first 2 weeks. my question is that when i start the second two week cycle should i start at 40 mcg again and work my way up, or should i start higher because my body should be used to having more than that in it?

  2. higher

  3. Bump what shake said, maybe start at 80mcg second time around.

  4. Like they said...you can go higher....only real "adverse" affects would be increased sides, which are tolerable even if jumping in to high to early. Also remember to take your taurine and potassium.

  5. Remember to taper down a little at the end. You can start higher but not completely necessary. If you want to start at 40mcg just taper up faster.



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