Hey Guys, happy new year to begin with!!

I have over 5 years lifting experience however had a bad flu which put me out of commission for a while so I have been back in the gym for the last 3 months. This will be a LEAN BULK. I know the superdrol you need to eat ALOT of calories I will shoot for about 3500 so thinking the winny should be used after...Please review and give your feedback, it is appreciated...

My Stats:

12.6% bodyfat

Experience with PH:

Used m1t before the ban - gained 14lbs kept 12lbs...BAD SIDES

Proposed Cycle:

Stanzonol - 50mg eod <--should use after the superdrol??
Superdrol - 10/20/20 <---each week from week 1

Support Supps:

Perfect Cycle from AX
Fish Oils
Hawthorne Berry

post cycle therapy:

Nolva - the real stuff tamo citrate
Rebound Xt
saw palmetto