liquadex dosages and experience

  1. liquadex dosages and experience

    i would like to run a dry cycle of test only.. one thing i want to avoid
    is bloat and high blood pressure as a result of water retention.

    i am interested in an anti-aromatase instead of an anti-estrogen.

    what is the suggested dosage for someone running 500mg/week of
    test cyp.


  2. 0.5 ed is what I am running working well

  3. why not run .5ml of letro ed? I think thats a lil stronger that liquadex.

  4. Well I have read that leto and nolavdex don't mix well. the nolva blocks some of the effectiveness of leto and I had the ldex here

  5. I never heard that there is a problem ..I love to see a report ....letro is by far the best anti-e on the market....aromatisn (sp ) messes up your lipid profile



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