Androgen Receptor Antagonists

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    Androgen Receptor Antagonists

    In Pogue's most excellent post regarding PH and AS, he links to an article written by Marcus Haidam, regarding post cycle advice. Toward the end he talks about taking the Androgen Receptor Antagonist "cyproteron acetate", in conjunction with 100 mg a day of d-bol, and muses that one might get "hyoooge".

    The article was apparently published in 2000 on Avant Labs website. I did a search here under cyproteron acetate, and "androgen receptor antagonist" and couldn't find anything.

    I was curious if anyone here has tried this in conjunction with an AS or PH cycle, and what difference if any they experienced .....

    Or, has this been demonstrated already to be ineffective?



  2. Good question. Im sure someone has to have more insight on this.


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