Sci-fit 19-Nor androstack II

  1. Sci-fit 19-Nor androstack II

    I got a great deal on Sci-fit 19-nor androstack II, two bottles of 120 capsules for $35, at a nutrition store going out of buiseness. Anyway can anyone tell me if they have had good results with it, and if so what were they? Also, do I need to take an estrogen blocker with it? I ussually use 1-ad, but this was a good deal so I bought them. I also have 1-ad on hand, should I stack them, or use seperatly? Thank you for any advice I can use.

  2. No, you will likely see nothing from it.

  3. whats the dosage in that?

  4. Dosage:
    200mg 19-Nor Andrstenedione
    200mg 4-Androstenediol
    100mg 19-Nor-4-Androstenediol
    100mg Androstenedoine
    250mg Tribulus Terrestris
    200mg Saw Palmetto
    200mg Chrysin (dihydroxyflavone)
    50mg Zinc Picolinate.

    Pretty good if it wouldnt contain the dione versioni in there. I say ditch it. But if you must take it, 3 to 4 doses a day! With anti-e's in hand just incase.

  5. windwords, why do you say I will see nothing from it?, What's wrong with it? Same with zwarrior, why ditch it? Thanks for any input.

  6. Its crap dude, not enough to do anything. Sorry, its a bust.

  7. what about the 4-ad and 19-nor in it and I take double the dose?

  8. Orally its just not worth it, you need almost 2 grams of 4ad a day to notice any results and you need alot of 19nor to see anything also. Orally its jsut not a good product, also with androstenedione in it, I wouldnt take the risks of gyno.

  9. On a side note, I believe this is a really old version of this product and it may even be expired, I believe their new stacks consist of 1ad, 1,4ad, 3alpha, etc. Sorry Bro

  10. Thanks for the help guys. I'm going to throw it or try to sell it. I just ordered Higher power 4-ad from to stack with my 1-ad. I'm going to do 600mg 4-ad and 300mg 1-ad a day for 40 days, how does that sound? Thanks again, you guys have been a big help.

  11. hmmm....thats kind of a low dose of 1ad ...I would up to 600 mgs for 4 weeks, maybe even 500-60mg for 6 weeks...also if you are taking oral 4ad, I would reccomend at least 900mg a day to combat lethargy/libido. Ergopharm makes Androdiol Select whcih is 300mg 4ad per capsule, I would say take 1 capsle 3 times a day. Before you buy anything else, ask the questions first and do some searches...the people on this board are more than willing to help.

  12. to save money, i would advise to cap them yourself...........

  13. What do you mean "cap them yourself"? I'll try and do those dosages, thanks again for the advice.


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