What Would You Add To T-Gel For Cutting

  1. What Would You Add To T-Gel For Cutting

    Hey guys, I am about to get some T-Gel and make my own cutting stack and was wondering what everyone would put in for there favorite cutting stack. Looking at either using 1 or 2 bottles of T-gel, so either way, and something that won't make me lethargic, like 1-test, I hate being tired.

  2. Would UCP-1 be effective as a dermal? Just open up the caps, pour the powder in T-gel, and presto...could even add some 1-test to help keep muscle mass. Or would it be better to take UCP-1 as an oral?

  3. Just finished UCP-1 oral cycle, so was looking for a hormonal route, thanks.

  4. I really dont think your going to be able to beat 1-test for cutting. Try using it with some PowerTrain and a little 4-ad. You prob wont notice the lethargy then at all.

  5. hey, what kinda results did you get with the ucp?

  6. well , Not too good acutally, but I think the reason is that I was on a timed carbed diet with low carbs most days, and I read after my cycle was over that UCP worked best with a moderate carb diet and didn't work too well with a low carb diet.


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