Any benefit to spot injecting 4ad / 1-test cyp?

  1. Any benefit to spot injecting 4ad / 1-test cyp?

    Any benefit to spot injecting 4ad / 1-test cyp? Just wondering if it matters where one puts this stuff.  One of the testers I know is concerned about his ass growing.





  2. 4-AD Cyp? If it is which brand is it? Im interested. Or is it homebrew.

  3. It is from dazed -



  4. I thought the consensus on 4ad cyp was that I didnt work. That better results were had from regular 4-ad.

  5. The concensus was peoples dosages were low, and no I dont think spot injecting a cyp ester will do a thing. Usually that is attempted with short ester or no ester gear.

  6. I like injecting in bis which i did with test enan and EQ (long esters) basically cause they're easier to inject and they swell up like a mofo. I wouldn't worry about getting a huge ass if i was him


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