roids in the 70-80s

  1. roids in the 70-80s

    I was just wondering what kind of post cycle therapy did the old school BB use? In todays world i feel that AS use it safe because of the vast resources we have such as the web... I would never have all my answers to my questions and logs really help too..

    why didnt many BB die from roid use in the 70s.. Arnold won mr O 7 times what did he do for pct.?

    chime in please

  2. none, or maybe some hcg, that may have been introduced in the late 80s.

    Although the knowledge and expertise is much more vast, imho, the quality of the drugs is not the same(at least in the usa) be wary of how safe you feel, as unless you get it from a pharmacy, I don't care what anyone says, it could turn out to be fake or worse yet, dirty or contaminated.

    Other than that, we are at a pivotal period in history, more and more doctors and "accredited" bodies are finally coming to the realization that steroids have several legitimate uses, they work well and can be done safely.
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  3. Yeah, I don't think there was much for pct or even AI. I remember seeing a photo of the 81 Olympia winner Franco C. and it looked like he had a major case of gyno going.

  4. I remember the very late 80's. HCG was used occasionally, and Clomid was used when and only when you got a case of gyno.

    Cool thing was 'roids weren't a controlled substance, so guys would bring fully packaged gear from american pharmaceutical companies in full gym bags to the gym to sell.

    I was 18 and avoided it wisely.

  5. Wow, was that when the whole "fanny pack" look got started? I was always wondering what some of those guys had stashed in there.

  6. They ramped down. PCT is a new thing.


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