Best topical for muscle DENSITY?

  1. Question Best topical for muscle DENSITY?

    What stack would produce the best results concerning muscle density?? I know some stacks can bloat you up with water, but that is what I would like to avoid. Anyone want to recommend something they have used that worked well for solid muscle gains?

  2. One test is best for muscle density, but by itself will reduce libido/induce fatigue. Add about 1/3 total of 4AD to combat this, and the minimal amount should keep bloat down to a minimumj, although bloat can be a good thing for strength, which in turn will increase muscle mass.

  3. 1 test + 1/4 andro
    1/4 andro + 3 alpha
    4ad + letrozle
    4ad + arimidex
    4ad + 1test + arimidex

    give us some stats and some cycle history and we'll try to set one up for yyou.
  4. Question What results can I acheive with 1-test alone?

    My current stats are, 5'9",194lbs, about 20% fat right now. Even when I drop to low fat level and diet hard my muscles have always felt soft to the touch when cold, but hard and tight when I have A pump on! I am new to the prohormone supplements (other than some andro I used like five years ago) I am very interested in using 1-test, it seems like the first supplement that lives up to its hype (unlike so many others) Anyway, three years ago I did use winstrol with some sust, and another short cycle of prop ran on its own A while after! I know I cant expect results that would compare to this but I just want to get the best possible results from 1-test,4-a.d etc. that I can! Thanks for the help !

  5. Man if I were you id do some hardcore cutting efore I ran a cycle or id run a cutting cycle. Man if you wanted to make a valiant effort ay hitting 12% bf youd see a huge difference in the density of your muscles. I personally would run a trans with 400 mg 4ad + 400 mg 3 beta + 50 mcg t3(oral) per day. That would be a great cutting stack. The 4ad would help put on some muscle and stave off catbaolism. The 3-beta would inhibit estrogen and increase strength. The t3 would pump up your metabolism and let you shed some fat. Its pretty hardcore but its a great cutting cycle. Once again this is all in my opinion and it is a pretty hard core stack or a first cycle.

  6. maggmonster, for that cutting stack, say your using BDC t-gel, how many grams of each 4ad and 3 beta would you use? and would post cycle need to be run as normal? I'm thinking about running a hardcore cutting stack.

  7. 7 grams of 3 beta 8 grams of 4ad yep run a normal post

  8. what do you think about running that without the T3?

  9. sorry, couple more questions magg, how long would you run it for and how many squirts per day? I would like to run a long cycle to get really good effects from it, 8-10 weeks perhaps. What kind of results did u get on that?

  10. Run 4 squirts a dayand with the 3 beta in there I wouldnt run longer than a month(nasty androgenic sides) I ran this and hardened up nicely though I ran fl7 + SU at the same time. This was last year before spring break.

  11. I would not run the t3 for the duration of a 8-10 weeks.
    T3 should be cycled 2-3 weeks ON, 2-3 weels off and repeat.

    You don't want to F&*K up yout thyroid.

    T3 is a serious med and should not be treated as a run of the mill cutting supp.


  12. Cutting is more about diet than supplements, but of course a good cycle can help preserv a bit more muscle.


  13. Over on avant labs many reccomend running t3 ata constant dosage throughout a cycle for increased protein synthesis and lessened fat storage or fat loss. I know you know your stuff Chi and your right the normal taper cycle that goes up to 125 mcg would be very dangerous over along period of time but at a constant lower dosage I think you are actually safer than slamming your thyroid with huge doses and then coming off suddenly. Yes you are right diet is huge, I asssumed his diet was in check and I am sorry for that. So before i reccomend a cycle lets see some stats time lifting and diet....

  14. I could be wrong, but I would bet that even at 50mcg/day for extended periods, one would run a quite higher risk of shutting down the thyroid and/or causing permanant damage.

    I am a believer of..... "better than safe than sorry".......especially when it come to the thyroid.


  15. According to most studies you can't really shut down your thyroid

  16. Diet and training are excellent, I am currently being trained by Iron Addict, and following his diet and training to a T, so I'm good on that aspect. So running the 3-Beta for more than a month would be that bad? what about running it at that dosage for mmaybe 6 weeks or so?

  17. I would run it until I felt the sides were unbearable, in my case thats about 4 weeks in yours it may be six. its great for strength and hardness. I wish I could afford to get trained by IA. :-(

  18. what sides were making it unbearable for you?

  19. Well I started to lose some hair


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