1,4 dione/diol ?

  1. 1,4 dione/diol ?

    Ok it seems like every body likes the 1,4 andro from 1fast400 but would'nt it be better to take some 1,4 diol like what is found in the VPX EQ? would'nt the diol version convert better and create less estrogen than the dione? I thought I heard somebody say they don't make a diol versoin but if you look at the ingreadients of the VPX EQ it says 1,4 androdiol. Im confused

  2. there is a diol version but it is hard to find. bdc use to produce it.

  3. diol is significantly better for anumber of reasons but it is hard to find for a REASONABLE price VPX rips you off.

  4. I disagree that the diol version of 1,4ad is better than the dione version. I am no fan of Bill L., but I do feel that the dione version has given much better results from what I have seen. I know thi is rather a controversal subject (bill and pat argued this for months) butI do feel certain PH;s are most active in the dione version (such as 1,4ad or 1adione). There was only one study that was funded by pat and as much as I like pat, there are ome pieces of that study that dont fit together quite right.

    If you rally wa a diol version, I believe SciFit makes a product caled andropoise at a reasonable price.

  5. well speaking to Mr Chemo and looking at the chemical structure as well as running my own personal test this summer has led me to believe otherwise.

  6. Im not trying to say your wrong, Im jut givig my opinion. I know that I did get better results fro 1,4adione when I ran it by itself at 900mg a daythan when i ran 1,4diol at 900mg by itself, But when Im running it with some 1test or in any other cycle I really cant tell the difference (nothing better, nothing worse). I don want to start the whole diol/dione thing up again, Im just going by my personal experience and knowlegde. I usully just reccomend the dione version for 1,4ad to all my bros. I know for sure with 1adione he results were much betterthan the current 1adiol. I think it comes down to what yor going to be using it for, and the price. 1adione powder from mike is inexpensive, there arnt many diol versions out there and they are usually expensive. If mike didt have the dione version, I would be using the diol version rather than support molecular.

  7. Not arguing just check the chemistry of it its pretty cool


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