Basic but serious question (cycles)

  1. Basic but serious question (cycles)

    I've never done a cycle of AS, but I am curious:

    How many cycles has everyone here done?

    Certainly quanity of cycles does not neccessarily equal experience. But there is a wealth of knowledge here, with easy access to legal post cycle therpy - it seems the anabolic world is safer than ever.

    I'm not trying to just make chatter, I am truly interested in how many cycles some of the vets have ran. And what their general philosophy is on cycling (limit to # of cycles / per year, etc. etc.)

    any insight is appriciated
    thanks very much

  2. Im a youngster to the game so ill start my second will begin in September. First time through, used roughly 500-600mg/week enth, 40mg dbol for the initial 5 weeks. Second time: 500mg enth, 400 deca, 40 dbol

  3. anyone else
    thanks for the info SAGE
    Im on my 4th cycle of PHs in a 1 year period.
    I have always taken 4-8weeks off in between, just seems still like alot for a 1 year period.

    but i guess if everything comes back to normal (post cycle), its all good

  4. I've run 1 prohormone and 1 steroid cycle, planning my second cycle for november, I personally believe that time off after a cycle should be equal to time on (at the minimum) and if it is a long cycle, that time off shouldn't be counted until post-cycle is completed. 4 week cycles, then 4 weeks off including post cycle is fine, but for my 12 weeker, I didn't start counting time off until I finished post.

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  5. I run 2 prohormone cycle before as well....forgot to add that on

  6. i've ran 3 ph cycles, but only 1 "real" ph cycle (4 week superone+)

    i mean come on...does 2 pinnacle poppers cycles count? i was a newbie who knew **** who gained ****. just a lesson to be learned.

  7. and soon to add in an aas cycle pretty shortly eh maui?

  8. Thanks for the replies Im still pretty young and do not want to go overboard. I've always given the on-cycle length or more for my post cycle recovery. And will continue do...

    I guess I'm wondering if this is enough. and if I take these precautions that I could essentially do an unlimited numbers of cycles (In theory). Surely there is a point where the body begins responds less and less to the PH or AAS.

    I've also read of people taking long periods of time off without using a PH or ASS (say up to 12months), and then there their bodies responding very well (better) to a cycle.
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