Fina vs 1-test gainwise?

  1. Fina vs 1-test gainwise?

    Any guys with fina and 1-test/4-AD experience if i can put on about 15 lb of lbm in 5 weeks from 1-test/4-AD at hardcore dosage or slightly higher how much can i expect from 1 week of 1-test /4-AD at hardcore dosage levels and then 3 weeks of fina(175 mg approx transdermally) + some 4-AD(200 mg aprox) all in one cycle?

    Fina is damn expensive and all im gonna do is dissolve it straight into the ph gel with the DMSO allready in it that can be bought here. im not gonna desterfy it oranyting but ill crush the pellets and make sure they are dissolved. Anyways could someone tellme will those 3weeks with the fina instead of 1-test be really worth it gainwise???

  2. I've heard the gains are similar, since tren is similar a structure to 1-test. You could run fina/4-ad, fina/syno, or 1-test/syno if you wanted to jump past the 'legal' side.

    Syno is a little different than fina, but I think there is a reciepe somewhere on here for making a fina transdermal, if not or avant might have it.

    Here's a good link for fina stuff

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    I agree with pogue on the Fina/4-AD cycle. I have not done 1-Test yet but have done a Fina/4-AD cycle for 6 weeks. In my experience, Fina doesn't really kick in until the 3rd or 4th week. You would definitly see gains from the 1 week of 1-Test and then 3 weeks of Fina, just not as good as running the Fina a little longer.

  4. Well gains will come pretty good after 1 week. Some guy made a graph of a few things he was doing and after a week and half about it hit its peak for blood levels.

    1-test i think hits its peak a little sooner but im just guessing.

    Ive decided now im gonna run the 1-test and 4-AD for 3 days at hardcore dosage then im gonna switch over to the transdermal of fina/4-AD for 4.5 weeks. I think that extra week and a half will be critical and cutting a half week off the 1-test and high doses of 4-AD to more moderate doage of 4-AD.

    I hear that fina is the most stimulating to the nervous system so im a little worried about insomnia and overaggressiveness. Most though seem to get finadick so im gonna assume its not a problem for most. In anycase ill keep the dosage of 4-AD pretty low just in case.

    EDIT: Im gonna do the 1-test/4-AD for a full week at hardcore dosage levels before doing 200 mg fina/200mg4-AD for 4.5 weeks.

    I won't have nolvadex or clomid on hand but ill have 6-OXO. Something about prolacting gyno and getting vitex. Should i get some vitex on hand???
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    That sounds like a good cycle.

    As far as Fina affecting the nervous system, it did cause a little insomnia and aggression, but if you are not normally very aggressive it's nothing that can't be controlled.

    Also you will want to think about running some Magnesium along with your cycle. Fina can cause some serious cramping and the Magnesium will stop this. You will want to take approx. 1500mg per day broken up into two doses. Take the last dose right before bed and it will help with insomnia also.

    If you use a pretty moderate dose of 4-AD you will ward off Finadick and keep the sex drive in high gear. Just a caution, I was using the max dosing of 4-AD and got quite a bit of bloating. I lowered the dose and the bloating went down.

    Also, do you have a post cycle recovery plan in place?

  6. Look at my edit note above in the post

    Just got done with a very hardcore cycle of 1-test and 4-AD combined(above what was recommended byavant labs for hardcore) and im taking 6-OXO right now and im fine. In fact libido has never left me that much even during my mini cras postcycle. Im a little worried about the prolactin gyno but i think 1-test may do the same thing as i seem to get symptoms even with the aromotose inhibitor so maybe i should have that vitex on hand. One article said tats what he used postcycle and it helped clear it up.

  7. PJ, check your PM

  8. so you guys think 6-oxo and vitex would be a good post-cycle recovery for a fina/4-ad stack?
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    I would only say this:
    Most guys that use Fina will use Clomid or Nolvadex post cycle because of how hard Fina shuts your system down. I don't think that 6-OXO will do the trick. IMO
    Clomid and Nolva are very easy to get and they are rather inexpensive.
    I am just suggesting that you use something that is proven to work. Better safe that sorry!

  10. But after a 4 week cycle surely the suppression couldn't be worse then maybe a 6 week 1-test cycle???

  11. the problem is; MOST of the posts i've seen say that 4 weeks on fina is pointless... might as well go 6-8 weeks...

    if i can see some evidence of people (more than just one) making good solid gains in 4 weeks then i'd rather do that

  12. Bean they say to run 1-test the full 8 weeks but do you believe that too?? 2 timeshave i gone over 4 weeks to a 5week cycle and no matter how hard i increased dosages after week 4 therewas almost no quality gains. Im sticking to 4 week cycles and there is plenty of fina users that are happy with 2 or 4 weekers Even around here on this forum, if you read around.

  13. I'm planning on doing my first cycle, fina (injects), ina bout a month. I'm planning on using 6oxo post cycle. I found I can get liquidex online but I'mnot sure where to get clomid or nolva which I read were very important to use after ur cycle. Can you order these online, or are they illegal? Where do most people get theirs from, do you ask your source for some clomid or wht?

  14. overseas online pharmacies is one easy way but customs could seize order.

    6-OXO is always a guarantee and its cheap. If your only gonna do a 4 week fina ONLY cycle then i would say 6-OXO is plenty as most anti-E's are when you start adding in estrogen or for very long non-estrogen cycles so 6-OXO would be adequate i would think for your needs.


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