first AAS cycle tbol/var

  1. first AAS cycle tbol/var

    Hi AM members, after some research i decide to run tbol/var
    next month, i know it's not a very good idea to run them without an test, but it's my first one AAS cycle and i dont have any one teach me how to inject....

    i have done two PH cycles before which are 1AD(4weeks) and EPI(7weeks).I am 168cm around 170 pounds, training experience is four years.

    this is my cycle plan, any suggestion are welcome, thanks

    WEEK1: TBOL 40mg ED/VAR 50mg ED
    WEEK2: TBOL 60mg ED/VAR 50mg ED
    WEEK3: TBOL 60mg ED/VAR 50mg ED
    WEEK4: TBOL 60mg ED/VAR 50mg ED
    WEEK5: TBOL 60mg ED/VAR 50mg ED
    WEEK6: TBOL 60mg ED/VAR 50mg ED

    WEEK1:NOVLA 60/50/40/40/40/40/40
    WEEK2:NOLVA 30mg/ED
    WEEK3:NOLVA 20mg/ED
    WEEK4:NOLVA 10mg/ED

    i also have Clomid on hand, but should i use that or just stick to nolva, heard some side from clomid.

    thanks for your reading any input are welcome


  2. This is actually a quite popular cycle on other AAS boards and it should yield some high quality muscle gains and possibly improve body composition as well. Keep us updated as i am eager to hear your progress and results.

  3. thank you Dadream.
    any suggestion on my pct?
    should i use clomid as well or just stick to novla?

  4. Personally i would look into Toremifine Citrate. It is similar to Tomaxifine Citrate(Nolvadex) but i would consider it a hybrid of clomid and nolvadex combined minus just about all the bide sides such as the emotional sides of clomid and the eye tracers while still having the ability to bring the boys back to normal and by that i mean restoring your balls to their normal size. Dose it something like:
    Week 1-90mgs
    Week 2-60mgs
    Week 3-60mgs
    Week 4-40mgs
    The Torem should bring you back in no time maybe add a herbal test booster like Drive or Activate even something cheap like Maca will help if libido's lagging in post cycle therapy.

    You could definitly get away with using either nolva or clomid but if i only needed to use one i would go with Nolva and an herbal test booster.
    Nolva dosing would look something like:
    Week 1-40mgs
    Week 2-30mgs
    Week 3-20mgs
    Week 4-10mgs

    Seeing as your using relatively mild compounds in terms of suppression i'd image your PCT being a breeze.

  5. Your lipid profile will take a big hit on this cycle. I would recommend Red Yeast Rice and Omega 3's through out the cycle and PCT. You should also monitor your blood pressure. On 60 mgs of T-bol I had very elevated blood pressure and headaches. At 40 mgs I loved it and had very little sides.

    Honestly, I think you should reduce your dosages or use one or the other. These aren't PH's and won't be anything like your previous cycles. More isn't always better. I wouldn't go over 40 mgs of T-bol or 50 mgs of Var, especially at your current weight. If you want to combine them both, do 20 mgs of each.

  6. Thanks Dadream: For your PCT suggestion

    Thanks Macman:
    i will add some Red Yeast Rice and Omega 3's into my cycle.
    and i will def moniter the doesage and the side through my cycle
    BTW did you experience any insomia during the TBOL cycle?

  7. Not much, maybe a little bit. But, I was using Test E and EQ with it.

    I actually got really good gains in size and strength from the first 4 weeks of T-bol, but there was some loss of size when I stopped the T-bol even though I continued the Test E and EQ. I was likely holding some water which is also what likely caused BP issues.

    I've never run T-bol by itself, so I can't really comment. Generally, I would recommend running at least Test with it. Oral only cycles don't really work all that well. In my opinion, each time you do one you lose some potential gains when you start using IM.

    I ran several oral only cycles over the course of several years and by the time I went to IM, I didn't see the gains it thought I would. Wish I started pinning from the beginning and think my overall progress would be better.

  8. thanks man understood.


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