Is it normal when you start training again to get flu symptoms weekly?

  1. Is it normal when you start training again to get flu symptoms weekly?

    I've been training 20+ years and after a 3 month break Im getting back into it but it seems like when I work out hard a few days later I wake up and my back is achy and my muscle stiff like I have the flu. also I get the sore kidney feeling like when you have the flu.

    Im wondering could this be excess muscle waste being produced and just kicking my body's ass?

    also, Ive been taking a low dose of test year round for years and this was the first break I took. back on it at 300mg a week. I know high doses can cause these symptoms but this is a very very low dose for me or at least it was years ago. Still waiting on my blood work but Im guessing my test levels will be in the normal range under 1000.

  2. Yeah, I think you've got it figured out. Did you switch brands of test? That could also be the culprit. Nevertheless, I've had the symptoms you described along with insomnia, what helped me was 1500mg vitamin c and 600mg phosphatidalsyrene with BCAA's immediately pwo.
    Good Luck!

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