Phera-vol/ Superdrol Bridge cycle

  1. Phera-vol/ Superdrol Bridge cycle

    Finishing up my down time and monday will be my time to start my next cyle. Completed a 3 weeker of real deal Superdrol 12 weeks ago, gains were unreal seeing i never did a compound like it before. Never went over 20mg and i don't plan to this time either...i like my liver. Just want some input in my bridge cycle to make sure i have it dosed correctly as far as the bridge days are goes...

    Support supp's
    Milk thistle 1200mg
    Red yeast rice
    Multi V
    Bvitamin complex..

    Week 1 30mg Phera-vol...15mg ever 12 hrs
    week 2 same
    week 3 15mg phera...10mg superdrol
    week 4 20mg superdrol...10mg every 12 hrs
    week 5 same

    post cycle therapy for 5 weeks..(nolvadex)Tamox Citrate..40/30/20/20/10..also have arimidex for just incase.
    5 weeks off everything

    Was thinking of a 7 weeker but i might save that for spring time, think i want to see how i react to the double methyl stuff before i prolong the cycle any..better to be on the safe side.

    advice welcome.

    I'm trying to get my hands on Test E but my source is slow moving...i would still kick start it with Superdrol anyways but only at 10mg a day for 3 weeks.

  2. dosing every 12 hours for stabilized blood levels yes, but if this leaves you dosing closer to night it will lead to greater shutdown. I bias my doses towards the earlier part of the day, closer to when I lift.

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