Who is Running BDC???

  1. Who is Running BDC???

    Sorry to post this question, but since Chemo took off  I have sent a couple of emails to "[email protected]" but have not heard back.  I would like to continue to carry your stuff dammit!!!!      Whoever it is please PM or email me.





  2. I believe WhosYourDaddy02 is still VP of BDCnutrition.

  3. What is going on with their products? I can't find anyone who sells them, I have heard that they have shelved production...and they do not have any info on their site about T-1 Final or T-1 Pro.

  4. Powernutrition has taken over as our source of BDC products, along with LegalGear.com....

  5. If you need to ask questions about the products.. I am sure WYD can answer them but like Pete said.. PowerNutrition and Legalgear are the places to buy them..

  6. we will also carryy bdc.

  7. That's the thing  - my store was carrying their prodcuts but now I can't get ahold of anyone.

  8. Powenutrition and Massnation have none in stock from what i can gather. does anybody know if production has stoped, or is it just a delay?

  9. Delay, BDC is Not Dead. We were ready to start and found out chemo was leaving. We were going to accept Pre-orders but decided to wait and see how things are going to work out. We should have some shortly.

  10. Gentlemen,

    It has been a hectic time for all of us. The measures I put in place before I left went to **** pretty quick but I will correct the problems while back in town.

    Massnation: your order is packed and ready to ship. Let's get together on the phone to discuss particulars.

    Physicalenhancement: I'll give you a call tomorrow to discuss.

    Powernutrition: We already spoke...you're still good.

    Legalgear: I'll call tomorrow to discuss.


    See what happens when Chemo leaves. **** hits the fan. You better get a satelite phone my friend.


  12. I realize there has been some server problem or somehing - but would someone please return my emails?  I NEED TO PLACE AN ORDER.

    Or call

    1-877- GET - HUGE






  13. Spike - I Sell BDC stuff on my site - I don't want to go to another site to buy it, but thanks.

  14. LOL! This is amusing...

  15. Hey Carter, just to let you know, I hope Chemo doesn't sell you any more products. I have dealt with you in the past, and lets just say I had some pretty ****ty customer service with you. I emailed you about 5 times and called your ****ing gym another 3 or 4 before I got a straight answer about where my order was that took over three weeks to arrive. And now you are here bitching about someone not replying to your emails?

    Oh and the other reason I hope he doesn't sell them to you is your RIDICULOUS mark up on your prices. A bottle of UCP-1 for $45!!!! Come on. That is a little excessive. Also, you are another company that takes advantage of the uninformed, how about this quote from your home page: Study Reveals 6-OXO Raises Free Testosterone 226%!!!

    IMHO, companies like yours are the reason we collaborate at places like this.

  16. Now its getting even better....

  17. gotta love old grudges

  18. Dude chill.  I don't even know who you are.  I won't engage in some idiotic "you are an *******" board war with you.  If you have a problem with me or my company call me or email. I do not hide my name, email or phone number. Too many people grow "cyber balls" when posting on boards.

    As for the price of UCP-1 , I hate to tell you but that is the "recommended" price.  I had it lower, but was asked to raise it by BDC. And as for the study on 6-OXO just read it. I did not publish it, I just posted it.  I got it from Ergopharm.  It is the same one yo will see on 1fast's site as well as others. 

    As for BDC, I hope things work out for them in this time of transtion. Chemo has always been a good guy to me, so I wish him the best.  "BUYB12" at lionnutrition.com hooked me up with the BDC stock I needed.

    Seriously, if I or my company dropped the ball on your order or whatever (it does happen from time to time) I will admit it and do my best to fix it.  Call me, email me, or if you are local come by my gym, I am there every day - but I won't argue on the internet.  I  have been known to make mistakes and I am sorry that your experince with me was not better- even though I have no clue who you are.




  19. LMAO that's a good picture.

  20. HUGE, Thats an excellant post. Especially the picture.

    Tecfal103, Dont blame the man for doing business. One day when you grow up youll learn about business and all thats involved in it, including dealing with problems and mistakes.


  21. Good customer service is hard to come by. Accidents do happen, however, if the company is dedicated to the industry which it serves, mistakes should be few and very far between.


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