Testabolan during cycle or during PCT?

  1. Testabolan during cycle or during PCT?

    Hey guys, I have 2 bottles of Testabolan in my stash. I was planning on taking it with and 8 week cycle of 1, 4 ad 1g ED. I might run H-Drol weeks 5-8 if I am not getting much from the 1, 4 AD.

    I'm confused on what Testabloan or ecdy really does. I've read that it "creates the perfect anabolic environment," heard it minimizes shutdown on cycle, also heard it helps during PCT. So what's the deal?

    And yes... I will be running a SERM.

  2. I'd save it for PCT and definitely add the H-drol. I'm not sure if 1gr per day of 1,4AD will yield great results. Have you run H-drol before? because if you have you could run it for 5 weeks and make it a 6 week cycle overall. Possibly longer if you feel up to it.

  3. Only one I'd tried before is havoc so this would be my first H-Drol run.

    Is lethargy a problem on H-Drol? I've heard is is a problem of 1,4 AD? BTW I did notice some lethary coming on at the end of 4 weeks of havoc.

  4. should be slight lethargy at most

  5. no lethargy at all on hdrol for me



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