1-Test When To Apply, Help

  1. 1-Test When To Apply, Help

    I have ordered and will soon receive my first cycle of 1-Test from l-e-g-a-l g-e-a-r. I am planning to start my cycle sunday but I have a question on when to apply. I wake at 5am and I am in the gym for 530-545. I then return home and shower and head to work for 8am. My question is that I am planning to apply the transdermal after my morning shower at about 730 and again after my evening shower at about 730 which is approx 12hrs appart. Is it ok to apply at those times even though I will be training before the application??? Thanks in advance.

  2. i dont see a problem with that. you COULD actually apply it as soon as you get up. absorbtion should take less that 3 hourse. but it's not going to make a difference in your routine. i would stick to after showering.

  3. Your plan is solid.

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