Time for anti-e yet?

  1. Question Time for anti-e yet?

    i had to quit using my 4AD trans due to the DMSO makin me sick. so now im on just 1AD and 1, 4 dione.

    my question is how long do u guys think it would take for bloat to go away? i noticed a little, but not until i quit for a couple days, that it looked worse, in fact today it looks the worst.

    could the 1, 4 be causing it? im about ready to start running my anti-e for bloat, but didn't want to jump in too quick, because i was curious if it will go away soon, or if it is going to stay until i finish my cycle, eventhough i quit use of 4AD? (due to elevated androgen levels in general)


  2. my last (& 1st) bout with 1 -test+4ad made me blow up like a baloon. scared the crap out of me about end of week 4. it was the 4ad i believe. look up edema on the inet for homeopathic remedies ( like cidar vinegar & dandelion root) just dieretics. i'm mixing formestane in my trans this next time to attempt to keep bloat down. i think small doses of say nolva would help do search.

  3. good idea also watch your salt intake

  4. heh, thx bro, but i already have Formasin and am just asking if there's a need to take it at this time.

    IOW, i had quit 4AD for a few days now, and am only on 1AD and 1, 4 dione now. i have bloat, but for some reason it didn't rear its ugly head until today. im asking if it will be going away on its own, or should i start my Formasin since im not taking the 4AD anymore.

    i should've been more clear w/ my question.

  5. teh, well just to let u all know, i took 2 caps of Formasin a few hours ago and my bloat is gone!! i seriously thought it was fat, cuz i just found out that i was eating WAY too much due to a miscalculation in my diet. but no worries now.

  6. When bulking, there's no such thing as too many calories
    Good to hear the formasin worked for you.

  7. Originally posted by Kitchen Chemist
    When bulking, there's no such thing as too many calories
    Good to hear the formasin worked for you.
    yea, i guess ur right.



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